Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced CFO Services

  • With SFA you can get both skill sets of an experienced CFO and custom-tailored CFO services.
  • Value creation is our prime goal of these part time CFO’s who provide financial oversight, cash flow assistance and management direction. You will be satisfied with our financial professionals.


  • Construct :
    Accurate financial and accounting services that satisfies regulatory agencies, auditors, lenders and Investors
  • Design:
    Financial reporting for public, private and not-for-profit organizations.
    Excess and Obsolescence analysis, Cost Reductive or Market analysis.
  • Operate:
    Deliver accurate financial statements in a timely manner and quantify costs associated with various operations.
  • Improve:
    System and mythologies for accounting cycles.
    Optimize performance and proper utilization.

Cost Accounting

  • Our professionals provide expertise in cost accounting in order to quantify the cost associated with any type of operation.
  • We have vast experience in job costing, excess and obsolescence analysis, lower of cost/Market analysis and multiple inventory systems.

Accounting Systems

  • We can help you select adequate systems guide you through the implementation process.
  • Once the appropriate system is in place our experts will guide you towards optimal performance.

Reporting Manager

  • Our reporting managers are aware of the financial reporting regulations and are capable of creating financial statements for public, private and non-profit organizations.
  • Our team is highly experienced in producing accurate financial statements with respect to deadlines that will satisfy regulatory agencies, auditors, lenders and Investors.

Focus on growing your businesses and Reduce Your accounting Cost

Our Accounting team consists of young, hand-picked professionals who are fluent in both Arabic and English, as a result, we help companies by maintaining their books and records and interfacing with management to help them meet their financial reporting and tax requirements, thereby enabling them to focus on growing their businesses. Companies are under constant pressure to improve their performance and build up shareholder value at the same time In line with this trend.

We are flexible in our approach and able to work either on-site or off-site to deliver to the client’s requirements at a fraction of the cost when compared to a full-time job.

SFA serves its clients in order to meet their outsourcing needs for secondary activities such as accounting, payroll, management reporting and others.