Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax Services

Local Direct & Indirect Taxation

  • Whilst tax is an inevitable part of running your business, using a qualified tax adviser to help with your corporate tax planning has many benefits.
  • Inadequate or improper handling of tax issues can result in major financial consequences and restrict your company abilities to invest and grow.
  • That is why we take a balanced and integrated approach focusing on the total business picture, not just your next return.
  • We will help you define the right overall tax position, designed to save you money in complex tax environments, whilst at the same time meeting your larger business goals. Services include:
    • Tax planning (corporate, SME)
    • Business tax compliance
    • Employment tax services
    • Tax investigations
    • Transaction services
    • Succession and exit tax planning
    • Not for profit/tax exempt organizations
  • Adopting a flexible approach to working alongside clients, in getting business operations up and running in the dynamic and challenging environments in which the organizations operate.
  • Serving on-going clients business requirements in the GCC and at international locations through our global teams working together seamlessly.

Payroll Tax and Social Insurance

  • Examine the Salary Tax and Social Insurance computation sheets to assess whether or not Tax and Social Insurance are correctly computed.
  • Review the expenses related to expatriates – if any – and assess the potential tax on fringe benefits.
  • Assess the legality of the employment of expatriates and the associated risk with respect to their employment.
  • Review the overall Tax and Social insurance status and assess the risks and the means to moderate these risks.
  • Estimate the potential Tax and Social insurance liability.

Withholding Tax

  • Identify whether the company correctly applies Withholding Tax on all its dealings with suppliers.
  • Review the overall Withholding Tax Statue and assess the Tax risk and the means to mitigate these risks.
  • Estimate the potential Withholding Tax liability.

Corporate Tax

  • Review the Company’s activities in the articles of incorporation and ensure that the actual activities performed are within the company’s objectives.
  • Examine the company’s revenue and cost cycles including all the related documents from the initiation of transactions till the execution.
  • Review major contracts in order to identify any contingent tax liabilities.
  • Review the overall tax statue and assess the tax risk and the means to moderate these risks.
  • Estimate the potential corporate tax liability.

Stamp Duty Tax

  • Identify whether the company correctly applies Stamp Duty Tax.
  • Review whether an applied system is proficient to meet the company’s objectives with respect to the stamp tax and applies tax rates.
  • Review the overall tax status and evaluate the tax risk and the means to moderate these risks.
  • Estimate the potential Stamp Duty liability.

VAT In Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

SFA can help you now by:

  • Providing tailored innovative tax solutions and services.
  • We have experienced team in Tax, consulting and IT who work side-by-side in order to deliver an optimal solution that is tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge about the regulatory, economic and business environment.
  • Adopting a flexible approach to working alongside clients in order to get business operations up and running.
  • Serving on-going clients’ business requirements in Egypt and GCC through collaboration with our teams.

Our Tax services are ready to meet your tax compliance and advisory needs.

Our reputation in both Egypt & UAE is built on a solid foundation and is known for its integrity and high-quality service, our tax experts will work with you to optimize tax burdens and maximize incentives.

At SFA, we offer an end-to-end VAT support for SMEs as well as large entities. We have an in-house VAT advisory team, that has experience and good knowledge built on working in VAT.

SFA tax professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you the best service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.