Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Corporate Finance and refinance Services

  • We help the company  to assess the need for financing through various sources of capital.
  • Our corporate finance services includes facilitating required finance and refinance, which includes syndicating finance arrangements from banks and financial institutions to fund working capital and project finance needs.
  • Our team can also help clients identify potential lenders and investors.

Business and Finance Restructuring

  • Most business models do not have a ready-made solution to drastic changes in an individual market or a severe downturn in the greater economy. Success is planned for; survival is often resorted to.
  • Business and finance restructuring involve substantial alteration made to the liabilities, operations or structure of a company.
  • Examples include downsizing, departmental re-organization, and changes at the highest levels of management.
  • Restructuring often occurs when there are significant problems in a company, which are causing financial harm and putting the overall business at risk. Thus, through restructuring companies can alter its performance to eliminate financial harm and perhaps improve the business.
  • We can help our clients assess their opportunities and address challenges, create an effective restructuring plan and strategic goals, whether the client is buying or selling a distressed asset.

Policies and Procedures Manual

  • Policies and procedures manual has been specifically developed by us as a part of our service to assist companies in advancing their financial transactions, HR and IT functions.
  • The main objective of policies and procedures manual is to develop systems for policies, guidelines and procedures in Finance and Accounts, HR and IT.

Human Resource Consulting Services

  • Our human resource consultancy services ensure compliance and efficiency for the small and medium enterprises.
  • We can help companies attain employees that fit companies’ needs by creating job description and roles, while working towards the larger goal of aligning employees with overall business strategies and increasing engagement, retention and performance.
  • We can help companies screen candidates for recruitments, performance appraisal and work force restructuring.

Company Formation Services

  • We can assist you to select the suitable structure for your business in accordance with the Egyptian laws and regulations.
  • Whether you are a start-up or an existing company, choosing the right structure is critical and can affect your business’s short and long term goals.
  • We will guide you on the structure that best suits your business requirements and objectives. Also, we overtake, on your behalf, all work related to the formation of your company that needs to be executed and will deal with governmental authorities to transform your vision and reality.


  • Prepare and Review the payroll table in order to submit payroll tax monthly within the legal date.
  • Issue pay slips for each employee.
  • Prepare monthly and annual payroll reconciliation according to tax law.

Personal Affairs and employee relations

  • Assess and represent the company at hiring process.
  • Receive, review, handle and archive all employees’ original documents according to the Egyptian Laws.
  • Assess and proceed with contractual procedures.
  • Maintain employees’ files according to the Egyptian Laws.
  • Dedicate a help desk to manage all staff related queries through our help desk.

Business Feasibility Study

  • Business feasibility studies demonstrate the economic viability of the proposed investment projects, plans and new businesses.This study can increase the reliability in planning phase and influence the decision-making process of capital investors, strategic partners, authorities and shareholders when presenting to them a potential project.
  • Feasibility studies allow companies to define and organize all of the necessary information to make a business work.
  • The goal of feasibility studies is to emphasize on problems that can potentially occur if a project is pursued and determine if, after taking all significant factors into account, the project should be pursued.
  • SFA Specializes in conducting feasibility studies through primary market research, our team uses various tools ranging from surveys, questionnaires, interviews to elaborate market studies.
  • Our study will help you in key business decisions and collate, analyze and infer other important findings.

Financial Due Diligence

  • Financial due diligence refers to conducting analysis on targeted company’s financial position and various other related factors.
  • Financial due diligence ordinarily employs methods such as conducting discussion and interviews with senior management and key employees; comparing historical financial data and trend analysis; and examination of the financial risks and the actual operational status of the targeted company.
  • We undertake independent buy side due diligence both on the financial front as well as commercial / market front. Our pre-deal evaluations cover an initial assessment of the financial / market position of potential acquisition/merger targets.
  • We use our financial analysis skills to assess key issues facing the target business by analyzing the driver so fits historic and projected profits and cash flows.

Business valuation

  • Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business.
  • Business valuation can be used for the purpose of tax planning, dispute resolutions, and identify growth opportunities of current assts.
  • Also, our valuation service can help the clients perform mandatory purchase price allocation which is one of the IFRS regulations – IFRS 3 ‘Business Combinations’.

Information Technology Consultancy Services

We provide wide range of IT consultancy services that aim to assist companies run an efficient and effective business.
Our area of service in this segment is as follows:

  • Consultancy service for the selection and implementation of suitable accounting software and related integrated management solutions.
  • IT management consulting, security and assessment and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Data-base consulting includes the design, maintenance, programming and modelling of a data-base.
  • Arbitration and Litigation Consultancy.
  • The interdependence of global markets and the growth in international transactions have increased the scale, complexity and frequency of international disputes.
  • We can assist our clients in domestic arbitration and dispute resolution proceedings.
  • Web development and consulting includes site design, development, presenting and maintenance.

Arbitration and Litigation Consultancy

  • The interdependence of global markets and the growth in international transactions have increased the scale, complexity and frequency of international disputes.
  • We can assist our clients in domestic arbitration and dispute resolution proceedings

Are you looking for Corporate and Trade Finance?

We have years of experience in financing requirements for corporates and business finance needs. Our qualified team of experts can analyze your financial requirements and design the customized financial solutions to match the correct financial needs. This includes:

  • Project Finance
  • Machinery Finance
  • Construction Finance
  • LCs/Bill Discounting/Guarantees
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Financing against SBLC
  • Structured Trade Financing Solutions